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Who Are We?

Founded in 2012, KiChané Consulting LLC, formerly known as Ki Connections LLC, builds personal relationships with clients to provide pristine coaching, event planning, and brand management services. We create memorable experiences for our clients by fusing their individual goals with our certified coaches, visionary event planning, and strategic brand management.

Who can benefit from personal or professional coaching and consulting?

Any individual ready to embrace transformation benefits from a coaching experience. We focus on internal motivation and serve as accountability partners while helping you reach your full potential. We empower by focusing on building authentic relationships for transformational coaching. We are accountability partners that help you reach you full potential through the G.R.O.W. model. Our goal is to reinforce pathways to healthy and effective change.

Does KC Consulting only focus on career coaching?

We provide career, executive, team and life coaching to help cultivate professionals from the C-level suite all the way down to entry-level staff. If you seek to improve performance, communication skills, leverage personal relationships, or strategically plan your next career move, KC Consulting helps to shape your goals into a tangible reality.

How many coaching sessions will I need to take?

Most coaching programs consist of six to eight sessions and are individually designed to fit each client’s personal and professional goals. Additional sessions are added on a case-by-case basis.

What’s the company’s event planning niche?

It’s not just an event, it’s an experience. We focus on creating pristine corporate events, team retreats, meetings and conferences, holiday soirees, employee appreciation activities, corporate picnics, philanthropic charitable events, and grand openings. Our company strategically aligns your vision to turnkey events while creating memorable experiences and increasing your visibility in the community.

What is brand management?

You are your product. You are your brand. We facilitate image control, crisis management communications, and brand awareness. KC Consulting strategically develops techniques to cultivate client’s personal brand through market research, data analysis, consumer perception assessments, and overarching goal reaching assessments. Through these evaluations, we facilitate reimaging our client’s personal brand while reaching their targeted audience.

What’s the company’s event planning niche?

Our event planning services include: Team Retreats, Meetings and Conferences, Holiday Soirees, Employee Appreciation, Corporate Picnics, Philanthropic Charitable Events, and Grand Openings.