Brandy Wright, MBA, MPH

I was nervous about working with a coach and was not sure if I could be myself.  In hindsight, it was one of the best decisions I could have made at this stage in my career.  Kiana has wonderful way of setting the pace and allowing the relationship to grow organically.  At each session, her guidance became more and more effective resulting in major improvements in my own critical thinking and decision making.  Since my sessions with Kiana began, I have become more aware of myself and have begun to focus more regularly on the personal goals I’ve set for myself – I am loving my progress to date.  Looking forward to applying all of what I learned to the new year!!


Helen Katsoudas

In November 2016, I began my coaching sessions with my coach, Kiana Morris. This was my first and only experience with a professional development coach. Being new to the process, I was not sure what to expect. Before my coaching sessions began, I lacked a vision; a goal; and direction. My thoughts were scattered and my ambitions were hampered because I didn’t know where or how to begin. However, after Ms. Morris’ coaching sessions, I have turned around my life, my values, and my goals. I now have a clear vision; a clear goal; and direction. My transformation was purely due to Ms. Morris and her abilities to coach, her knowledge, her talents, and her personality. Ms. Morris is a true professional and the epitome of what a coach is. Ms. Morris has been the support that I needed in order to set my goals and see them through. She challenged me and she held me accountable for my actions. Ms. Morris is an asset to her profession and I recommend her highly to future coaching prospects.

Jimica Tchamako

I've had the opportunity to build a relationship with Kiana for a while. She has been able to listen and offer great advice for how to navigate the difficulties of life.  Lately, I've been facing many challenges in both my professional and personal life that have impacted my ability to move forward in a healthy way.  Being able to speak with Kiana as I sought answers and next steps has truly been a blessing.  I truly appreciate Kiana's ability to connect, care, and provide sound advice.


Giselle Warren, MPA

During my initial role as a federal contractor, I was in a space where my skills and gifts were being underrepresented creatively. Kiana helped me map out a clear plan for my career. Currently, I am working on projects where my skills are being used and I am doing work that I am passionate about. I am truly grateful Kiana and I met. She was able to offer insight about the competitive work environment in the government and supported my vision of working in communications. Kiana is a great resource and seeing her in leadership—especially as a woman of color-- at such a young age encourages me to continue to strive for greatness and nothing less!


John T. Smith

Kiana Morris has worked as my Life Coach and helped me tremendously in defining and bringing clarity to present concerns. She has the heart of a coach and a true passion for her clients. She has held me accountable in keeping my commitments and this aided in my personal and profession growth as a person and public servant.


Beza Ayalew

Ms. Kiana C. Morris has vast experiences and knowledge that she brings to every coaching session and professional service. She takes her craft very seriously and always goes above and beyond to provide the best services. Her passion and enthusiasm always shine through her work and she is always accessible to provide sound advice and helpful resources. Ms. Morris takes a holistic approach for guiding her clients to reach their full potential both professionally and personally. I highly recommend Ms. Morris as your coach!